Prof. Matt Probert

University of York

Matt is a professor in the York physics department, specialising in condensed matter physics. He is chair of the UK Car-Parrinello organisation, a high end consortium committed to developing 'first principles' techniques for atomistic systems.


Matt is also a key developer of CASTEP, one of the main DFT codes used in the UK. He specialises on the geometry optimisation and molecular dynamics modules in CASTEP.

Prof. W. Craig Carter

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Piero Vitelli


Piero is a consultant working to help people develop areas of their effectiveness in the personal, interpersonal and team settings. Recent projects delivered have included a year-long change programme workshop for a leading insurance company, communication skills workshops for a regional development agency, interpersonal skills workshops for an educational charitable organization, facilitating assessment centres for a university recruitment programme and his continued work at over twenty universities in the UK and continental Europe, where he provides workshops and seminars at undergraduate, postgraduate and post doctoral levels.

Dr. Glenn Jones

Johnson Matthey Technology Centre

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