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The organising committee of Hermes 2020 comprises of PhD students from various academic disciplines and institutions, just like the participants. A handful of us attended Hermes 2018 and, inspired by our enjoyable experience, we decided to lead the organisation of the next Hermes summer school. As we progressed, we were fortunate to get more students interested in helping out. This is how our Hermes 2020 committee was formed. The whole team has come together, each bringing their own ideas and enthusiasm to make this event happen and to ensure that your experience is just as good than our own one, if not better! 


Our Team

Danny Bennett

University of Cambridge

Danny is a simple Irishman trying to make it as a theoretial physicist. He studies phase transitions in atomically thin materials, among other things. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, rock climbing, yoga, weight lifting, as well as organising Summer schools for computational methods for materials science.

Derek Siu

Imperial College London

Derek is a Mechanical Engineering PhD student looking at modelling the plasticity of Tantalum-Tungsten alloys at Imperial College London. His research focuses on the failure of metals across a range of strain rates and how different manufacturing techniques affect it. Outside of this, Derek likes to play squash, football and basketball.

James Quirk

University of York

James in a PhD student working in the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of York. His research is focused on using density functional theory to model  the interaction of charge carriers with crystallographic defects in candidate materials for next-generation solar cells. Outside of physics, James enjoys going to the gym, binging television and films, and playing video games.

Oussama Boulay

Ibn Tofail University

Oussama is a PhD student at Ibn Tofail University, Morocco. His thesis focuses on the modeling the microstructure evolution of Ni-base superalloys at high temperature, which are metallic materials used in the aerospace industry. He uses phase field models to investigate complex effects such as, elastic inhomogeneity, lattice misfit, volume fraction and plasticity, on the microstructure, both during heat treatment and under external loading.

Carlos Ayestarn Latorre

Imperial College London

Bernadette Mohr

Johannes Gutenburg University

Selmane Ferchane

Czech Technical University

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Photo: The Cumberland Lodge