Organising Committee (2018)



The organising committee of Hermes 2018 comprises of PhD students from various academic disciplines and institutions, just like the participants. A handful of us attended Hermes 2016 and, inspired by our enjoyable experience, we decided to lead the organisation of the next Hermes summer school. As we progressed, we were fortunate to get more students interested in helping out. This is how our Hermes 2018 committee was formed. The whole team has come together, each bringing their own ideas and enthusiasm to make this event happen and to ensure that your experience is just as good than our own one, if not better! 


Our Team

Razak Elmaslmane

University of York

Razak is a PhD student working on making improvements to one of the candidates for the next generation of solar cells. His research is focused on modelling charge carriers in metal oxide materials and improving their mobility. During his free time he operates as a secret vigilante trying to save the world, which takes up a lot of his time. He enjoys playing squash and doing other exercise.

Fangyuan Gu

Imperial College London

Fangyuan is a PhD student in the Theory and Simulation of Materials CDT at Imperial College London. She is working on how ultrafast optical excitation can be used to control structural changes in multiferroic materials such as ferroelectric domain reversal and photo-induced domain nucleation. This will help develop basic physical understanding of perovskite multiferroics and open new possibilities in the design and optimisation of optically controlled devices. Apart from science, she enjoys travelling, reading detective fictions and doing adventure sports like diving and paragliding.

James Finley

Imperial College London

James is a Mechanical Engineering PhD student studying High Performance Ductile Composite Technology (HiPerDuCT) at Imperial College London. His research investigates how to make strong, lightweight materials that can bend and twist significantly before failure; the main application of this research is in the aerospace sector (e.g. composite fan blades for a jet engine). When James isn’t working you will probably find him on his narrowboat, the maintenance of which is a full-time job within itself!


Kaspar Haume

The Open University

Kaspar is a Marie Curie research fellow in the EU project ARGENT (Advanced Radiotherapy Generated by Exploiting Nanoprocesses and Technologies) and PhD student at the Open University. His work is focused on molecular dynamics simulations of coated nanoparticles intended for reducing side-effects of cancer radiotherapy. Outside of work Kaspar enjoys playing golf or squash, or "flipping dem vinyls".

Roya Moghaddasi 

University of Toronto

Roya is a PhD student in theoretical chemical physics at the University of Toronto. She uses numerical schemes to understand the role of quantum effects in the thermal conduction properties of interacting systems, and to compare these exact results to classical simulations and to the quantum behaviour under the linear-response approximation. Outside of science her passion is fashion which has been started with girl power. She believes fashion empowers women and makes them feel the best version of themselves.

Nikoletta Prastiti

Imperial College London

Nikoletta is a PhD student in the Centre for Doctoral Training on Theory and Simulation of Materials at Imperial College London. Her research focuses in modelling fatigue at the microscale for commercially important alloys used in the aerospace industry. Her interests range from exploring nature, cycling, playing the piano, to reading about business, finance, entrepreneurship and science outreach, amongst others.

Bianca Provost

University of Cambridge

Bianca is a PhD Student in the Department of Chemistry's Surface Science Group at the University of Cambridge. She is using atomistic modelling techniques to better understand the mode of action of molecules used to protect steel surfaces from acid corrosion. This project is carried out in close collaboration with oilfield services provider Schlumberger Ltd. In her free time, Bianca enjoys Zumba, reading autobiographies and playing console video games.

Patrick Rowe

University College London

Patrick is a PhD student at University College London and the London Centre for Nanotechnology. He is working on the development of accurate interatomic potentials using machine learning - teaching models using large databases of quantum mechanical information. In his spare time you'll often find him rock climbing or building and playing synthesizers.

Andrew Warwick

Imperial College London

Andrew is a PhD student in the Theory and Simulation of Materials Centre of Doctoral Training at Imperial College London. His research involves modelling and calculating the properties of Hybrid Halide Perovskites, a very promising class of materials for applications in photovoltaic devices. Outside of work you can find him playing the violin in orchestra, practising piano and training in Chinese martial arts.

Felix-Cosmin Mocanu

University of Cambridge

Felix is in the Center for Doctoral Training in Computational Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. His work focuses on the study of amorphous semiconductors using first principles molecular dynamics. A particular focus are materials used for phase-change memory devices and neuromorphic computing applications. More recently, he has been trying to use machine learning to obtain an accurate fit to the potential energy surface of these materials. When not working Felix enjoys playing video games, running and playing the piano.

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Photo: The Cumberland Lodge